Meow Playground Wiki

Daily Rewards are rewards that you can get just by logging on to Meow Playground!

You can get coins, diamonds, and golden chests in Daily Rewards.

Almost everyday, you get coins.

For beginners, you get 100 coins.

Usually your reward is 400 coins (If it's not your first week)

You can get diamonds once per week.

You can get a Golden Chest once every 10 days.

The amount of coins you get increases by 20 coins every day, ending at 400 coins. (For example: 100 coins for the first day, 120 for the second, 140 for the third)

If you are a VIP, the Daily Reward is a Mysterious Chest.

Also can Do 6 Drew in Deer Game if you are VIP.

Not VIP can Only do 3 Drew

An Example of a Daily Reward