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Dodgeball needs to have 10 players in total. 5 of the players become dogs and the other five become cats. They are on different teams. You can see what team you are on by looking at the top right corner. You must collect Knit balls that appear on the floor simply by going on them. You can throw them by pressing the space bar. You have to try to dodge the Knit balls the other team is throwing and if you don't, you would get hit! The other team wins a point. The way a team wins is by how many points their team got in total.

Game Rules:

  1. At the start of the game, there is a 8 second preparation for players to get ready. All the players are stuck in the middle and there are no balls on the ground yet.
  2. When the game officially starts, the balls appear all over the ground and all the players can start to move around the area to collect the balls.
  3. Players can only pick up 5 balls at a time. This is to ensure that there is no endless hitting. (When players pick up a large amount of balls, pick a victim and hit them for the entire game)
  4. Players press the space button on their keyboard to throw the balls they have picked up. If you are on a mobile device, you press 2 fingers on the screen at once.
  5. If you are hit with the ball, you are "frozen". This is when you cannot move for a particular amount of time, like a couple seconds.
  6. Maneuver your way around other players and avoid getting hit.
  7. The balls can't hit your teammates, they just go through your teammates.

You cannot wear hats in DB.

A Live Dodgeball Game