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The clowder of _SKYCLAN_ was first founded by Leafstar, who passed the leadership back and forth between Waterstar. Later, the clowder was accidentally passed to a fake Waterstar and that Skyclan was lost.

Waterstar recreated Skyclan along with Random Fish. Because Leafstar had suddenly quitted a little before that, Waterstar and Random Fish passed the leadership around every week. Soon after, Skyclan won 18 times and Fish created a new clowder called Pawsomz and brought many Skyclan members with her.

Nightheart was the next leader of Skyclan, inviting many new members to the clowder. Skyclan became the first again and won another 10 times. In the period while Skyclan was winning, ICdrawing988 and Plum were also leaders.

After that, other clowders beat Skyclan while the clowder was working hard to win again. Because Skyclan currently has a low rank, it is rumored that Skyclan is dying, and it is also rumored that Nightheart is going to delete the clowder. The rumors are all fake, and Skyclan promises to work hard again when the time is right, and will rise for the fourth time, and be the winner once again! This rise is nicknamed and referred to as The Skyrise.

After all, Skyclan has "died" many times in the past and always been able to recover due to the hard efforts and dedicated loyalty of its many leaders and members.

Current leader of the clowder on meow: Nightheart

However, there are also 4 other leaders, Waterstar, Plum, IC and Summer


Early Origins

In the old days of Meow Playground, Leafstar, a poor and inexperienced player, started to play and was able to save 7 diamonds and create a clowder. However, it was low in rankings and she could find little people willing to join such a bad clowder. She invited everyone she met who wasn't in a clowder already, but few joined. She even invited guests, but most did not even contribute to the clowder in any way. One day, she invited a specific guest who played so much tag and earned so much money that even he surpassed her. Later, the guest logged in and named himself Waterstar.

From that point, Skyclan rose in the rankings and even started to become a competitor of the top clowders of that time. Leafstar and Waterstar, already close and both with the goal of making Skyclan the best clowder, formed a siblinghood and spent most of their time playing tag so that Skyclan could beat its competitors.

Development of Skyclan

Skyclan started to beat most of its competitors and rose to the top 10 clowders. Waterstar asked Leafstar for the right to hold the leadership for a week, and although Leafstar didn't have much money and treasured her clowder, she trusted Waterstar enough that she passed the leadership to him under the conditions that she trusted him not to kick her and he would return the clowder a week later. Waterstar kept his promise and from that point on, Leafstar had the utmost faith in her brother.

Golden Age of the Old Skyclan

Leafstar and Waterstar agreed to start passing the leadership to each other every week so that both of them could have a chance to help lead Skyclan. This strategy was effective, and Skyclan soon rose to one of the two leading clowders of the time. The other one was stormy catz, lead by Mittens. Many weeks, Skyclan was able to beat stormy catz, but other weeks, Skyclan lost. An important friend, Random Fish(then called Moonlight), became close friends with Leafstar and Waterstar and later became a sister to both of them and contributed to many of Skyclan's wins. After many wins, the old Skyclan was able to achieve the reputation of a great clowder.


Unfortunately, this was followed by a series of unfortunate events that were triggered when Leafstar was forced to quit playing when her mother caught her. Fortunately, she was able to pass the leadership to Waterstar, trusting him to keep Skyclan alive and going. She left the clowder, afraid that he might pass the leadership back to her and cause the clowder to go into decline. This came as a shock to the clowder because no one could explain why Leafstar had gone missing. Luckily, Leafstar's best friend and classmate Echosong was able to inform Skyclan about what had happened.

As if this wasn't bad enough, more unfortunate events followed. Waterstar, continuing the tradition, started passing the leadership between other players he trusted. Once, a misinformed friend passed the leadership to a fake Waterstar, and the leadership was lost forever.

Golden Age of the New Skyclan

Skyclan was born again (known as 3rd rise) around May of 2020, and Nightheart, a senior (at that time) from the time when Skyclan has only been created returned and was passed leadership from Waterstar, who half-retired very soon after that. Skyclan slowly ranked up to around 8th and 9th with the help of Nightheart and Waterstar. Then after that, Skyclan has been extremely fortunate to meet many active and friendly players, who turned out to be loyal members. With the help of all the members, Skyclan slowly rise back to the top. And Skyclan stayed at the 1st for 10 weeks.

Another Fall for Skyclan

This was followed by a fall to 2nd and 3rd place because of the rise of new and ambitious clowders. Skyclan fell to the 5th and 6th place when some less loyal members decided to join the top clowder at that time. This was followed by the unfortunate spread of a rumor that the clowder was going to be deleted caused more members to leave, causing skyclan to fall to the 20th place. The leaders and co-leaders made plans about rising back up, which worked, so Skyclan is currently around the 8th and 9th now. There was also some betrayers and traitors, that abused Skyclan and left skyclan saying that is was a stupid clowder. There was also one person who left skyclan and said really harsh words about skyclan. Whenever that person see's some specific Skyclan members, they simply just humiliate them or says some harsh words.

Although Skyclan may seem to be falling, stay loyal and have faith in us. We will rise again

Check History of Skyclan in Skyclan's official fandom page for more information


Leaders(historical order)

1. Leafstar

2. Waterstar

3. Random Fish

4. Nightheart

5. Charlotte

6. Plum

7. IC

Current: Nightheart