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What is Tag?

Tag is where there is up to 8 players, every 20 seconds the tagger changes! The way you know who the tagger is, is by looking at their skin, the tagger should be milky cat (a white cat if you don't know) and the rest should be Meow (a gray cat if you don't know either). How to play tag is by dodging the tagger, dodging the tagger might be pretty hard though, when you're the tagger you must press the space bar to throw Knit balls, the Knit balls are brown in the shape of a ball when you tag one of the Meows they get frozen and they no longer get score but they start getting score again when they unfreeze.


Dodgeball is a game up to 10 players, and there are 2 teams. Team dog and team cat. Team dog is Howie dog (brown dog), and Team cat is Meow (gray cat). Pick up brown Knit balls off the ground, and throw it at the other team! Every hit is 1 point. If you get hit, move out of the way as fast as you can after the stun! Press space to throw.

More Info!

  • Tag allows 8 players a game, whereas Dodgeball allows more.
  • There aren't teams, besides people "teaming" up. Everyone is individual.
  • In basic chests, commonly the reward is only coins unless you are lucky.
  • In Silver chests, commonly the reward is coins and sometimes diamonds, and furniture if lucky.
  • In Gold Chests, commonly the reward is all above and more!

    The Leaderboard indicating who won the game.

A Unique Furniture Found In a Gold Chest From Tag

A Knitball used in Tag