Underwater_Explorers is a Clowder created by CaptainBarnacles. Underwater_Explorers is created in 23th October 2020, the newest clowder in Meow Playground. Underwater_Explorers Means (水下探險家) in Chinese. CaptainBarnacles hopes this clowder can reach the top 10 leaderboard.

The creator of Underwater_Explorers, CaptainBarnacles , used to be a Girls_rule_clowder Co-Leader. But he left to make his very own clowder.

Since CaptainBarnacles is an old Girls_rule_clowder Co-Leader, So she has quiet lots of friends from Girls_rule_clowder. So, she can make Underwater_Explorers a truce with Girls_rule_clowder.

Underwater_Explorers website----  https://ww226444762.wordpress.com/ and

https://underwater8explorers.wixsite.com/mysite . Edited by CaptainBarnacles.

CaptainBarnacles's letter-

Hello! I'm CaptainBarnacles, the leader of Underwater_Explorers. I need you guys to play more

dodgeball make more gaming rank and level up our clowder. Ad oil!

Also, be online all the time!

Good Luck!

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